types of string instruments

Short Lessons

Full, 30-minute lessons are rarely a good fit for beginner string students. Strings for Kids’ lessons start as short as 5 minutes and build to 20 minutes as students develop interest and stamina. They’ll stay engaged during practice and excited about their instrument!

types of string instruments

Cost Effective

No one wants to repeatedly pay for lessons that review the same material over and over. But young learners often need repetition for the first few months to master physical and musical fundamentals. Our affordable, flat-fee lessons allow you to go at your own pace while learning the basics!

types of string instruments

Accurate, Easy Practice

It's easy to forget exactly what to practice outside of a lesson. Strings for Kids provides daily visual reminders while your child practices. You can rewatch the lessons as often as you’d like!

About String Instruments for Kids

As a mom of 5 and having taught the violin for 20+ years, I truly believe music can change lives. There are so many benefits for young children, from creative brain function to providing a multisensory learning experience. Not to mention, it’s really fun!

But it can feel daunting to start your child on a string instrument, especially if you’ve never played one yourself. We’re here to make it easy, successful, and fun for you and your child.

Strings for Kids keeps string lessons short, fun, and developmentally-appropriate for young learners. Our 20 pre-recorded sessions will help your child succeed in mastering the basics so they’ll be prepared to succeed in regular lessons.

We’re so excited to help you save time and money, and support musical success and enjoyment with Strings for Kids!

types of string instruments
kids learn the violin

What You Get

– 20 fun, pre-recorded lessons to learn the fundamentals of playing the violin or cello

– Access to a private Facebook group of others committed to musical education

– A child excited and prepared for the investment of musical education


Instrumental lessons can get expensive. This is especially true when you’re paying to learn the same beginner skills each week until your child has mastered them.

String Instruments for Kids allows you to rewatch the lessons as many times as you need, right from home. It’s like having a daily teacher – all for one flat fee! The content in our 20 lessons takes most students 3-6 months to master, but costs about average price of 2 months of lessons!

Join Strings for Kids for only $249. You’ll have lifetime access for your entire household!