Q: What age is Strings For Kids good for?

A: Strings For Kids is primarily geared to children ages 4-8, though children slightly older without prior musical training may also benefit.

How many lessons are there?

There are 20 pre-recorded lessons that gradually increase in length. You can watch them as many times as you like while you practice – whether you spend one day or one month per lesson is up to you!

How long are the lessons?

The lessons start at 5 minutes and work up to 20 minutes as students develop stamina and skill.

How much does it cost?

The Strings for Kids beginner course price is only $249! Considering students should spend a minimum of 2 months building the skills in the course (and many take up to 6 months), this is an incredible price for lessons that would cost $300-840 for the same time period.

Do I need to have a background in music?

Not at all! The course is specifically designed to be easy, accessible, and fun for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Q: Can my child do this program on her/his own?

A: Since this introductory strings curriculum is geared to young students, it is best for the parent to be present and involved. That way, the parent can help the child with proper form and engagement, and guide the practice sessions.

How many times should I practice each lesson?

This depends on how quickly your child masters the skills in each lesson. We highly recommend spending at least several days and up to two weeks on each lesson in order to build muscle and brain memory.

How long should my child practice each day?

We recommend that children spend 5-10 minutes practicing in the beginning, working up to 15-20 minutes per day. Practice sessions should last roughly the length of the lesson.

Can I re-watch the lessons while practicing?

Yes! Feel free to watch the lessons as many times as you’d like, including during practice sessions to ensure correct and effective practice.

How long does it take to complete the entire Strings for Kids course?

It depends on how old your child is and how much they practice. Some children may complete all the lessons and develop the muscle memory in as little as 2 months. Others may take up to 6 months. You won’t need to pay more if you take longer, so you can focus on really mastering the skills.

What do I do when my child has completed Strings for Kids?

Once you’ve completed the course, your child will be ready for weekly lessons with a qualified teacher! You’ll be excited and amazed as your child steps into lessons having already mastered the basics and prepared to listen, learn, and progress.

How long will I have access to Strings for Kids?

You’ll enjoy lifetime access for your whole household with your purchase. Please do not share with others outside your household.

When will the videos be available?

All the videos will be available for viewing in January 2021.

What size instrument does my child need?

Here is a good violin size chart and cello size chart.

Should I rent or buy an instrument?

Either renting or purchasing an instrument will work. For the violin are inexpensive models that are sufficient for beginners and may cost less over several months than renting an instrument. (This is a great one if you have a slightly older child.)

For the cello, it can be trickier to purchase instruments in smaller sizes. If you have a tall child, you may be able to purchase an instrument like this. Otherwise, I would recommend renting an instrument, which typically runs about $50/month.